Known Bugs List

Bug reports should be submitted here, separately from the general helpdesk. Exploits and other more sensitive bugs should be reported to a staff member in private.

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This list is updated somewhat infrequently, and in no particular order. Bolded bugs are considered of greater importance.

Last Updated: 1/12/2020

[+] General Bugs
  • Rune of Horde doesn't work
  • Default keymapping option on char create does nothing
  • Login screen frequently crashes. Only affects the login screen, for some reason.
  • Clicking the Change Character button frequently causes the client to close with "could not connect to server".
  • Buyback tab in the general merchant is disabled
  • Follow Requests, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and in-game Reports don't work
  • About 80% of all quests are broken in some way. Please don't report these. If it's boss prequests, all of them except the one for Lucid have been made not-required. Otherwise, only report a quest bug if there's an important key item you need from that quest.
  • Guild skills and Guild Noblesse Skills don't work
  • Familiar Booster Packs crash your client
  • When unequipping pets, only the first pet disappears until map change
  • Crusader Codex total number of cards is not counted properly by the book (Alicia: Not fixable, currently.)
  • A whole bunch of skills don't display properly, or at all, in multiplayer
  • Soul Weapon skills don't work
  • Some cubes (Hermes, Octacular) not being usable by double-clicking them (Alicia: Not going to be fixed. Use the Cubing NPC, it's accessible anywhere via Quick Move.)
  • Link Manager has problems with having more than 12 link skills. If you have more than 12 Link Skills, some of them won't be shown in the UI.
[+] Missing Content
  • Working PQs are: Orbis, Ludibrium, Magatia, Pirate, Sharenian GPQ. All other PQs are known to be buggy and/or nonfunctional.
  • Azwan
  • Monster Park has the wrong displayed level brackets
  • Pretty much anything that was an event in GMS
  • Ursus
  • Dark World Tree dailies
  • Commerci (Alicia: Honestly, this one probably isn't ever going to be implemented.)
  • Everything about Kritias except for Hekaton
  • Lucid (Alicia: Finished internally, but disabled until we iron out the progression of Arcane gear.)
  • Missing boss difficulties: Hard Hilla (only Normal is available), all Normal Root Abyss (only Chaos is available), Normal Ranmaru (only Madman is available)
[+] Specific Content Bugs
  • Opening the Mu Lung Dojo Ranking will crash the client
  • HT/CHT will occasionally become unkillable
  • Chu Chu Island: The rivers don't work
  • Some bosses don't show the visual effect for potion cooldowns (Alicia: Not really fixable, currently.)
  • Crimson Queen hungry mode is buggy, and other modes aren't working completely right either
  • Pierre and Von Bon are missing some mechanics
  • Damien Phase 2 has some janky animation problems, and the orbs don't show their AoE like they should
[+] Non-bugs
Stuff listed here is intentionally changed. Please don't report them as bugs.
  • Everything from the Skill Changes list.
  • Abnormal Status Resistance still uses the old system. We're keeping it that way for now, but it's not yet finalized on whether we will change it in the future. Probably not?
  • Transfer Hammer system is disabled.
  • Gollux fight is not GMS-like. You have to kill all the limbs regardless of difficulty. The difficulty only changes the HP pools.
  • Ranmaru and Princess No fights are not GMS-like. These are highly customized fights intended to be raid challenges. Consider them a taste of what is to come in the future (Princess No especially).
  • Stuff related to the 1920x1080 resolution option. v179.4 actually doesn't natively support 1080p resolution, so we had to hack it into the client. Because of that, some things (like backgrounds) are buggy. We can't fix this.
  • Droppable NX. It works, mostly, but some things with it are weird (you can only drop 1 item at a time, you can drop pets which bugs them out, etc). Droppable NX was a bit of an experiment on our part, so we're not really looking to improve it at this time.
  • Certain Link Skills (Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Shade) do not show up in your Link Manager. This is intentionally done to save space. Their effects will still work.
  • Arcane Force/Star Force UI's don't show up. They were removed because they'd block the Quick Move button.
Class-Specific Bugs
[+] Miscellaneous
  • Archer: Guided Arrow doesn't work
  • Thief: Venom Burst passive DoT works but active ability doesn't
[+] Hero
  • Burning Soul Blade's mimicked attacks still occur centered around your character even when in stationary form
[+] Paladin
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Dark Knight
  • Evil Eye Shock doesn't work
[+] Fire, Poison Archmage
  • Flame Haze does not slow or give untouchable status
[+] Ice, Lightning Archmage
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Bishop
  • Blessed Ensemble doesn't give the bonus EXP effect
  • Mystic Door doesn't work
  • Bahamut can't be cancelled once active
[+] Bowmaster
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Marksman
  • Frostprey can't be cancelled once active
[+] Night Lord
  • Assassin's Mark doesn't do damage (This only happens in 2nd job. Getting to 4th job will fix it.)
  • Dark Flare doesn't attack enemies
  • Throwing Star Barrage does not show in multiplayer
[+] Shadower
  • Shadow Veil and Smokescreen do not give Advanced Dark Sight 100% chance to remain
  • Shadow Veil effect is repeatedly recast in multiplayer by player while effect is active
  • Dark Flare doesn't attack enemies
[+] Dual Blade
  • Mirrored Target doesn't work
  • Advanced Dark Sight doesn't automatically trigger
[+] Buccaneer
  • Dragon Strike debuff does not give extra Final Damage
[+] Corsair
  • Broadside does not summon crewmen
  • Every skill other than Double Shot doesn't consume bullets
[+] Cannoneer
  • Counter doesn't reduce damage taken
[+] Jett
  • Cosmic Upheaval has hitbox problems and sometimes doesn't hit things (Alicia: Not fixable, currently.)
  • Gravity Crush has weird flickering and sometimes doesn't explode at end
[+] Ayame
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Dawn Warrior
  • Can't use sun stance bossing skill in Hekaton
[+] Blaze Wizard
  • Cinder Maelstrom doesn't work
[+] Wind Archer
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Night Walker
  • Shadow Spear sometimes does not spawn spear
[+] Thunder Breaker
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Aran
  • Frenzied Swing hyper passive does not work
  • Aero Swing does not work
  • Finishers can be triggered more than once per adrenaline
  • Swing Studies does no damage
  • Basic attack skill combo can continuously loop after 1 press
[+] Evan
  • Wind Flash does not accumulate Magic Debris
  • Return Flash/Flame has no effect
  • Dragon Master does not work
  • Dragon Flight does not work
  • Elemental Barrage Final Damage buff does not apply
[+] Mercedes
  • Spikes Royale cooldown doesn't reduce itself when using linked skills
[+] Phantom
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Shade
  • Spirit Flow keydown skills do not last for 3 seconds
[+] Luminous
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Demon Slayer
  • Possible, rarely, to get stuck at 0 DF and not regain any when attacking
  • DF will sometimes be temporarily reduced when leveling up
[+] Demon Avenger
  • Nether Shield can sometimes move very rapidly
[+] Battle Mage
  • Reaper attacks do not display in multiplayer
[+] Wild Hunter
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Mechanic
  • Perfect Armor doesn't reflect damage
  • Giant Robot SG-88 doesn't work
[+] Xenon
  • Hypogram Field doesn't work
[+] Blaster
  • Many skills do not display in multiplayer
[+] Hayato
  • Shouryuusen, Rising Slash do not launch enemies
  • Willow Dodge effect does not display on successful proc
  • Quickdraw stance doesn't deal damage to mobs
[+] Kanna
  • Soul Bomb doesn't work
  • Soul Shear doesn't work
[+] Mihile
  • Radiant Cross - Spread effect spawns at the wrong position
[+] Kaiser
  • Nothing yet!
[+] Angelic Buster
  • Sparkle Burst doesn't always explode at end (Workaround: Pressing the skill button to manually detonate the skill will always work.)
  • Trinity stacking doesn't work properly
  • Transformation state doesn't correctly display to other players
  • Lyrical Compacts don't work
[+] Zero
  • Beta doesn't show damage in multiplayer
  • Chrono Break doesn't deal damage on expiring
[+] Beast Tamer
  • Can't use Mana Overload
  • Majestic Trumpet does not leave DoT field
  • Cat's Cradle Blitzkrieg does not work
[+] Kinesis
  • Nothing yet!

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